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Your Favorite Bike Shop in Massachusetts Is Thinking Spring

Your Favorite Bike Shop in Massachusetts Is Thinking Spring

As a favorite go-to bike shop in Massachusetts, we all too often see riders hitting a wall come spring. No, not literally. Instead, it’s more of the itch. The itch to get back on your bike and hit the road or trails. However, brushing the cobwebs from your bike also means it probably could use a little TLC in the form of a tune-up. Because you’re not alone, many riders are delayed with long wait times scheduling their professional tune-up.

Don’t be that rider.

If you’re like us, you may be thinking about spring. Even if you’re not quite in the mindset yet, now is the time to give us a call and get your bike ride ready. Not sure what you need? Here is a brief look at the professional services CK Bikes offers.


Cabin Fever aka The Basic Tune-Up

If you are an avid rider that stays on top of maintenance needs, chances are the Cabin Fever is the right fit.

  • Lubrication of all pivot points
  • Inspection of wear and tear of all parts
  • Check and inflate tires
  • Clean and adjust brakes
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Bottom bracket and headset
  • Hubs
  • Chain inspection and oil
  • True wheels
  • Secure end caps
  • Replace cables and housings if needed
  • On-site test ride after all adjustments to ensure the ultimate ride.


Road Warrior aka The Major Tune-Up

The Road Warrior is ideal for bikes with more than two years since purchase or the last tune-up. This service includes all of the basic tune-up services plus:

    • Cable and housing replacement
    • Spokes, rims, and hubshell cleaning
    • Removal and cleaning of derailleurs, brake calipers, crankarms, and chain rings


Free Rider aka The Basic Overhaul

Perhaps your bike is a bit older or a bit behind on the maintenance. If so, the Free Rider is the tune-up service to ensure your in tip-top shape. Ideal for bikes 3+ years old, commuter bikes, or those ridden in extreme conditions, this service includes all of the major tune-up services plus:

    • Overhaul of hubs
    • Bottom bracket and headset overhaul


The Wrecker or The Major Overhaul

As our most extensive repair available for well-used, but not abused, bikes, The Wrecker is like a spa day for your bike. With this service, you can expect to receive all of the basic overhaul services plus:

    • Wheel tension balancing
    • Pedal overhaul
    • Extensive, detailed component assessment/disassembly
    • Frame and for alignment
    • Frame waxing


Remember what it was like trying to get toilet paper in the spring of 2020? Don’t put yourself in the same situation this spring, call CK Bikes to schedule your tune-up now!

Contact your favorite bike shop in Massachusetts, CK Bikes, today by calling (978) 844-7539.

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