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Bicycle Repair

The team at CK Bikes has become the go-to for bike repair in Massachusetts. Our team of experts and engineering background have enabled us to provide customers with superior bike repair and overhaul services to get you back on the road quickly and safely!

The idea of an urgent departure of a bicycle repair mechanic to the scene of an accident hands of the master closeup with a key during the repair of a bike

Electronic Shifting and Adjusting

Close up man repairing bike at shop

Flat Repair and Replacement

Bicycle factory, worker holds mountain bike. male mechanic in uniform installs cycle parts, assembly line in workshop

Hydraulic Brake Service

Foreman repairman in rubber gloves repairing bicycle closeup

Bearing Replacement

Shot of a working mechanic repairing a bicycle

Brake Adjustments

Male mechanic making service in bicycle repair shop using tools

Chain Replacement

Focused handsome man in casual clothing repairing bicycle itself at home kitchen

Rim Replacement

Double exposure image of business and finance

Group Set Upgrades

Mechanic repairing a bicycle

Truing Wheels


Ken Howell
Ken Howell
I went into the shop for the first time today. The person who helped me was very friendly and made sure I had every I needed to change out the brake cables on my vintage road bike. Highly recommend.
Derek McIntire
Derek McIntire
Great shop. They leave water out for folks riding, have some cool bikes, and were happy to help with a quick DI2 charge when *someone* ahemmm, in our group needed it. Also have plenty of ride food and offer full services. Highly recommend.
Nick Faust
Nick Faust
Great local shop, highly recommended!
Kathy Lopez
Kathy Lopez
I count myself very lucky to have CK Bikes so close by. Craig is a trustworthy mechanic and a good man. The work is completed promptly and thoroughly. If you want to get in shape while having fun, you can join the shop's Thursday night group ride. A+
Super competent, modest prices, friendly and knowledgeable service. Doesn't get any better than this shop.
Richelle Hansen
Richelle Hansen
Amazing experience!! We lost a bike off our camper in the way up from North Carolina to Maine. We called the bike shop and they stayed open late for us to get there. They were more than fair on the cost of repair. They had us in our way in a day.
Helene Palmer
Helene Palmer
Excellent! Genuine Bicycle wisdom and advice and not just in it for the money. Support your local bike shop!!
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