With the spring season fast approaching, getting back outdoors and onto a bike is on many minds. However, with the financial burden 2020 placed on many people, this task may seem far-fetched. Or is it? Whether your bike requires a tune-up or replacement parts, or even if you need an entirely new bike, we have you covered. At CK Bikes, we proudly offer the largest selection of used bikes in MA, superior professional services, and of course, the most reliable expert advice.

Let’s focus on getting you on the road in this article. Here is your guide on how to buy used bikes in MA (at CK Bikes, of course).


Used bikes can be just as good as new bikes and much more affordable. However, knowing what you require in a bike is the starting point. For example, do you need a commuter bike, touring, or mountain bike? Understanding the different styles and what they provide is the first step of your journey.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, be sure to stop at the shop! We’re always happy to provide reliable advice you can trust.


Once you’ve determined which style is right for you, it’s time to shop. Let’s say you are in the market for a commuter bike. Saving money on gas, relieving yourself of downtown traffic stress, and steering clear of germy public transportation is always a great option when possible. KHS Bikes offers a wide range for any level, and lucky for you CK Bikes has plenty in stock.

So, you arrive at the shop and begin your journey. Where to start? Well, why not start the process with one of the most straightforward components to inspect – the frame? If you’re shopping used, finding small chips and scrapes is okay. However, bends, dents, cracks, and rust are definitely a no. These three elements are signs of weak spots within the frame that could cause you unneeded stress down the road.


When scrutinizing the bike’s working components, several elements need ‘testing’ to determine the current state. Here is a brief look at just a few:

  • Pull on the front brakes, rock the bike, and listen for knocking sounds, suggesting repairs are needed.
  • Spin the wheels to ensure they’re straight. Inspect the rim (this can be an expensive fix).
  • Check your tire tread and overall condition.
  • Rotate the pedals and give the chain a gentle pull. There shouldn’t be too much wiggle room there.
  • If the chain is worn, generally, other components will wear as well.
  • Derailleurs are an expensive fix. Turn the pedal and change gears, move the derailleurs by hand, and move them around. Too much movement may mean repairs.

While these are just a few of the many items to be inspected, we won’t trouble you with too many details. Instead, when searching for used bikes in MA, be sure to visit a bike shop you can trust. At CK Bikes, we have the largest selection of in-stock used and new bicycles.

Don’t get stuck with a used bike that is going to cost you hundreds in repair work, Visit CK Bikes and have confidence that you are in the very best hands! Contact our team today for more information by calling (978) 844-7539.

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