You are probably just as excited as we are about hitting the road again with your bikes. So excited that you may be wanting to experience the beauty of one of the local bike trails in Massachusetts. CK Bikes is your to-go bike shop in MA. Today, we put together a list of the top spots you need to take your bike to this spring.

Nashua River Rail Trail (12.3 Miles One Way)

This trail is located in a park in Groton, Mass. The course extends from Nashua (NH) to Ayer Mass and runs alongside rivers, streams, and beautiful woodlands. In addition, the trail has minimal spots for crossing the road for less stress when riding. If you are looking for a relaxing ride, this paved trail will make a perfect addition to your list.

Gardner Hill Conservation Area

This beautiful and natural trial is perfect for hiking and biking alike. If you crave a better escape into the wildlife of Massachusetts, this trial is a must. While the trails are not paved, park owners take excellent care of the path for you to have a better ride.

Cape Cod Rail Trail (22.0 Miles One Way)

This is your best option if you are looking into a longer, more ambiguous trial this spring. This continuous trail goes through five Massachusetts towns. To many, this trail is considered one of the best in New England as a whole. With plenty of spots to catch a glimpse of the Cape, this trail is great for people who enjoy rides by the water. Many bikers also consider riding this trail to be a Cape Cod tradition.

Battle Road Trail (4.8 Miles One Way)

This trail is great for bikers and history junkies alike. Located in the Minuteman National Park, this site runs through 1700’s era buildings with historical information scattered throughout. The trail is continuous and unpaved, however easy to ride in.

Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path (13.6 Miles One Way)

Another trail perfect for a view of running water, White Bike Path has plenty of it. This paved trail features the Charles river on both sides of the path. In addition, this path is considered to be one of the best and safest routes in the Boston area.

Nickerson State Park Bike Path Network (8.0 Miles One Way)

Nickerson is a series of interconnected trails running through the state park. In addition, the primarily wooded trail connects to Cape Cod Rail Trail previously mentioned in this list. While it’s an excellent spot to ride, it is a great place to set up camp for those who live the best of both worlds.

Hitting The Trails With Ck Bikes

Not only is CK Bikes your local bike shop in MA, we are also experienced riders. As a trained tri-athlete, owner Craig Kilmer knows how gratifying hard work and determination can be. That is why we set up shop in Littleton to help you get back to the pathways faster.

Need A Good Bike To Bring To The Trails? Visit Us At 3 Taylor Street In Littleton, Mass Today!

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