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Tune Ups

Servicing mountain bikes, cyclocross, hybrid, tri, road, and stationary, our team can help with nearly anything on two wheels!  With pricing that beats our competitors, it’s time to call CK Bikes today!

  • Cabin Fever: The Basic Tune-Up
    • Lube all pivot points
    • Inspection of wear and tear of all party
    • Check and inflate tires
    • Clean and adjust brakes
    • Adjust derailleurs
    • Bottom bracket and headset adjustment
    • Adjust hubs
    • Clean and oil chains
    • True wheels
    • Secure end caps
    • Replace cables and housings if needed
    • On-site test ride after all adjustments
  • Road Warrior: The Major Tune-Up.  Ideal for bikes with more than 2 years since purchase or the last tune-up.
    • All the basic tune-up services plus:
    • Cable and housing replacement
    • Clean spokes, rims, and hubshell
    • Removal and cleaning of derailleurs, brake calipers, crankarms, and chain rings
  • Free Rider: The Basic Overhaul.  Ideal for bikes 3+ years old, commuter bikes, or those ridden in extreme conditions.
    • All the major tune-up services plus:
    • Overhaul of hubs
    • Bottom bracket and headset overhaul
  • The Wrecker: The Major Overhaul.  Our most extensive repair available for well-used, but not abused, bikes.
    • All of the basic overhaul services plus:
    • Wheel tension balancing
    • Pedal overhaul
    • Extensive, detailed component assessment/disassembly
    • Frame and for alignment
    • Frame waxing
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