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Cycling Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Cycling Injuries and How to Avoid Them

If you’re an avid cyclist, or even at the beginning of your journey, chances are you’ve encountered pain. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain, right? Due to the repetition of movement with cycling, there are certain injuries that are more common than others. As your trusted bike shop in Massachusetts, the team at CK Bikes has created this list of the most common ailments that come along with cycling and how to avoid them.


Knee pain

One of the most commonly reported areas of discomfort lies within the knee. From tendinitis to patellofemoral syndrome, ailments are typically caused by two specific reasons:

  • Weak muscles
  • Improper bike fittings

Whether you’re riding a short or long distance, proper cleat and saddle positioning are imperative when cycling. Another way to provide comfort to your knees is to build strength in the muscle. Try adding a few repetitions of squats to your everyday routine to help increase the strength under the kneecap.


Lower back pain

Whether you’re riding a bike or sitting in an office chair, extended periods of time in the same position will hurt any muscle; especially your back. If taking breaks isn’t an option for your ride, be sure to sit in a position that allows the curve of your spine to remain straight. This, again, involves proper bike fitting.


Muscle tightness or fatigue

Tight muscles can lead to tears, not a situation you want to find yourself in! To avoid tightness or overtired muscles, be sure to show them some love! Before you begin your journey make sure you leave adequate time for stretching. You’ll want to continue stretching any time you stop, as well as at the end of your ride. Remember to give your muscles a break in between; massages and other tools are a perfect solution to ease muscle discomfort.


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Neck pain

Let’s face it; your head is heavy. Supported only by the muscles in your neck, you can imagine the work they’re doing on a daily basis. Like your back, stationary positions will end with sore muscles and pain. Sitting in the most upright position possible, and remaining flexible with relaxed shoulders will both help to ease any pain in the neck.


Foot numbness

Believe it or not, one of the top runners of common cycling complaints is foot numbness. There are a few things to look at here. First, and it’s a bit silly to say, but make sure you have the proper fitting shoes. The second is the journey you’re taking; uphill voyages tend to put more pressure on the foot than a flat surface.


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If you’re experiencing discomfort while riding, it may be time to visit your local bike shop in Massachusetts. At CK Bikes, we provide bicycle fitting to ensure our customers the most comfortable ride possible. Visit us today and leave the pain behind.

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