Massachusetts bike fitting is a crucial step in the journey of all cyclists. This adjustment process allows for maximum comfort and performance. By adjusting the bike uniquely for your body, you are also helping to prevent several common injuries. In this article, we’re looking more in-depth at bike fitting and why every cyclist should consider having it done!


Bikes are not a one size fits all solution. Instead, they are a tool meant to serve a purpose with the option of becoming customizable. For instance, let’s consider your height for a moment. While you may have been gifted with length, you may also be sporting the “good things come in small packages” attitude! Either way, the original positioning of the pedals is probably not working for you.

The ball of your foot should lie just in front of the pedal for proper positioning. This allows for optimal balancing when standing to pedal. If your foot lies either further back or more forward, you are opening the door for potential injury to the achilles as well as fatigue.


Just as important as your foot positioning is your saddle height. Not only does this component optimize comfort, allowing you to ride harder, but it also helps to prevent serious injury. One of the most common signs that your saddle height may be too low is knee pain. On the other side, if your saddle is too high, you may be experiencing hip pain from the continuous rocking motion created by pedaling.


Possibly one of the most overlooked elements of a Massachusetts bike fitting is the handlebar position. However, without the proper position, the rider will most likely lean too far forward, creating a myriad of aches and pains. From sore necks to achy wrists, you handlebars play a significant role in overall comfort.

Although many riders take a stab at a little DIY fitting, at some point, visiting a professional Massachusetts bike fitting company is worth the time. At CK Bikes, our team of trained professionals are not only experts in fittings, but they’re riders too! Beyond the instruction, knowing the ins and out of the journey and the potential pains that coincide is imperative.

Cycling shouldn’t hurt. If you’re experiencing usual pains in areas outside of the major muscles being worked, it’s time to give our team a call. Conveniently located in Westford, CK Bikes will help keep you on the road! Call us today at (978) 844-7539 to schedule your bike fitting.

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