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Most Common Massachusetts Bicycle Repair Requests

Most Common Massachusetts Bicycle Repair Requests

When it comes to cycling in Massachusetts, bicycle repairs are inevitable.  Whether it’s a common repair, like a flat tire, or something more extensive, the team at CK Bikes is here to help!


Cable Adjustments

Whether it is a shifter cable, barrel adjuster, or a derailleur, cable adjustments are a necessary task when it comes to bike maitenance. However, knowing where the problem lies is the beginning of the solution. In general, a few quick twist and turns to the right compenent can keep your ride on pace. If you’re not sure where to begin, stop into CK Bikes for expert advice!


Flat Tires

One of the most common areas of bicycle repair is the tires.  Although a flat is super frustrating, especially when riding, they can be easily dealt with if you’re carrying a repair kit.  A kit should contain a tire lever, extra tube, and an air pump.

  • After loosening the quick release, pull the wheel off of your bike.  
  • Next, remove the tube from the tire.  One side of the tire will need to be over the rim for this to be accomplished.  Thus, having a tire lever on hand at all times can save potential frustrations!
  • Patch or replace the tube.  Remember to examine your tire for the cause of the flat (rocks, nails, etc.).
  • Now it’s time to put the tire back on the bike.  You’ll need air in the tube, line up the stem, and use levers to get your tire back onto the rim.  
  • Chances are you’ll need to pump air back into the tire at this point.
  • Tighten your quick-release and check your brakes before you restart your journey.


Bearings and Front Hubs

Worn wheel hubs can be some of the most challenging elements to detect when it comes to repair.  This is because the warning signs vary from barely noticeable to loud and clear. Either way, repair should be done as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your bike.  Signs that it may be time to replace your bearings include:

  • Abnormal sounds – clicking, grinding, knocking
  • Unsteadiness in the wheel – wobbling or vibration
  • Your bike pulls to the side when the brakes are applied


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As one of the most important elements of a bicycle’s components, the brakes should always be operating at optimal levels.  However, if it’s time to change out the pads, re-align systems, or perform regular maintenance, there are several ways to go about the task.  

Sometimes it’s best to leave certain bicycle repairs to Massachusetts experts like CK Bikes.  Because of the intricacy and numerous components, each bike’s braking system can vary. Thus, a black and white “how-to” is not the best in this repair instance. 



Chains are another element that causes riders headaches more often than not.  Whether your chain can be repaired or needs replacement, here are a few tips to avoid further damage:

  • Avoid shifting

Yup, that’s it.  If you’re out riding, carefully replace your chain and get home without shifting.  However, with the use of a quality chain tool, you may be able to address the issue on the trail.


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For more information on bicycle repair in Massachusetts, contact the experts at CK Bikes.  We’re here to help with all of your biking needs!

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